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This information is privately and independently produced and collated by Peter Dean.

The data are solely derived from information available in the public domain in the Stud book of the Exmoor Pony Society.
We are most grateful for the co-operation of the Officers of the Exmoor Pony Society in trying to ensure that information on this web site database is exact to, and certainly not contrary to the records of EPS. Please use the information if you think it helpful to you.

If you require any further information please contact: peter@exmoor-pony.info

Pony Registered Number
This is a unique number given to each pony for use within this database. It is not the Registered Number of the pony within the EPS or anywhere else. The number is composed of a maximum of seven possible characters. The system was derived by A. N. Copland.

The first character is a letter that denotes the sex of the pony, M or F. Each letter may be modified, back or forward, depending on the cycle of numbers used by the breeder to identify their pony. When any herd of ponies restarts a numerical sequence the letter moves forward, eg. M becomes N. L or E is used when the pony number belongs to a numerical sequence before the main sequence in EPS studbook.

The last three characters are the number of the pony within a herd. Three digits must be used. e.g. a pony numbered 6 in a herd must be shown as 006.

The remaining characters are for the herd number. This is not padded with preceding zeroes; e.g. herd number 11 is shown as 11 not 011. The letter "H" used in EPS is changed to 100. i.e. herd H7 becomes 107. Acland herd is 0 (zero).

Pony Name
Prefixes are not included in the pony database. If a prefix is needed to give a complete pony name it can be found in the owner database.

Owner database
Herd number, herd prefix, owner and location are stored on this database.
Please note that the owner database is not a contact list.
Some individuals on the database are no longer alive.
The database can be used to locate where each herd was started.

The website offers several useful functions:
Ancestry and descendant lines can be generated, including full founder lines.
Some of these are complex involving many offspring over several generations and in these cases it may take several seconds for the web-page to be constructed; please be patient. Most of the tables are too large to be easily read on the screen of a mobile phone.

The pony database has been updated with entries for 2016.
New photographs will be added in batches, usually not more than a month after receipt.
Only a few of the microchip and UELN values may still be unreliable. Known ambiguities are indicated by a trailing question mark.